This career-oriented blog—published biweekly on Wednesdays—looks at the positive and sometimes ironic sides of a kaleidoscopic range of workplace and life issues, from education and employment to discipline and discord.

shared experiences: risk verse reward

Is your spiritual life all that it could be? Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” Have you or one of your friends been diagnosed with AIDS? Springsteen’s “Philadelphia” Have you lost a parent? McCartney’s “Let It Be” Are you the child of divorced parents? Papa Roach’s “Broken Home” Do you have financial problems? AC/DC’s “Down Payment Blues” Do you feel an oppressive sense of loneliness? Schubert’s “Winterreise” Every one of us must confront painful setbacks, difficulties and mistakes. For each such life-changing event, music offers profound balm. Listen to each verse. Recognize that your reactions and individual suffering have been experienced countless times by your neighbors, friends, family… and

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