Better to Speak of It: Fostering Relationships & Results through Creativity focuses on core management and personal values, written in collaboration with Clive Gillinson, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall. Better to Speak of It questions standard management practices that can easily lead to stagnation and isolation. By offering specific, first-hand experiences from leaders within key cultural, educational, nonprofit and corporate fields, the book explores the vital benefits of innovation and organizational management, serving others and effective partnerships, access and mentoring, budgeting and well-considered risk, media and effective communications, education and lifelong learning.

(Japanese translation published by Nikkei in 2020)


        The word “empathy” evokes human feeling at the one-to-one level, demonstrated by heartfelt care in thought and action. We typically ascribe such behavior to close friends and family, yet a wide group of passionate social visionaries have transcended the inner circle’s confines to create organizations that directly benefit hundreds of thousands of lives, young and old. Their motivation centers entirely upon empathy for young people, for fellow citizens, for those in need within our society.

        These highly accomplished and resourceful individuals have founded and/or head key nonprofit and educational organizations with indelible impact. How have they achieved their far-reaching goals? What techniques have they utilized? How have their backgrounds prepared them for the rigors of today's world? How do their organizations survive—indeed thrive—in today’s economy when dollars can be scarcer to come by than fat-free bacon?

        This revealing book—available in paperback, e-book and audio formats—comprises 25 chapters, each highlighting one of today’s most imaginative and resourceful social innovators. Among the featured leaders are Nobel Peace Prize recipient Kailash Satyarthi—Global March Against Child Labor, John Marks—Search for Common Ground, David Castro—Institute for Leadership Education, Advancement and Development (I-LEAD), Mary Gordon—Roots of Empathy, James Thornton—ClientEarth, Rupert Scofield—Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA), Ángel Cabrera—George Mason University, Timothy Rub—Philadelphia Museum of Art and Clive Gillinson—Carnegie Hall.

        Royalties from Empathy go directly to each organization featured within the book.

        Release date:  Fall 2021

        Composer-pianist Samuil Evgenyevich Feinberg (1890-1962) became one of the founders of the modern Russian school at the Moscow Conservatory, where he enjoyed universal esteem. The language of his seminal book—Pianism as Art—is exquisite, its ideas invaluable, its conclusions compelling. Feinberg assays the piano’s kaleidoscopic possibilities more completely than has ever been expressed in a single volume, perceptively analyzing style, sound, technique, rhythm, pedaling, and the vital connection between poetry and music, among a host of fascinating musical material. Feinberg became strongly attuned to social justice, equality and access, and one reads within his book's pages a lifetime of wisdom and humanity experienced through the piano’s unique voice. This is its first complete translation into English.

        Release date: Fall 2021

        The social impact of art and music continues to spread. Well beyond providing museum and concert-hall pieces, these expressions of human creativity offer key insights into social awareness, inspiration and emotion. Eye to Ear explores the symbiotic relationship between music and the visual arts during the past 200 years; unforgettable paintings, prints and sculptures have directly inspired many iconic musical works.

        Eye to Ear begins with Sergei Rachmaninov’s celebrated orchestral piece, Isle of the Dead, which he composed after seeing Arnold Böcklin’s haunting painting of the same title. The authors include over 30 examples of art-inspired music within this fully illustrated print and e-book, including works by 28 composers as disparate as Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Mahler, Stravinsky, Sondheim and Turnage, and 36 artists from Botticelli and Michelangelo to Calder and Bacon.

        Each of these visionary composers and artists passionately believed that music and art serve a lasting social purpose, which this book explores through their letters and society’s response, set within a rich historical context that remains as vibrant today as ever. An accompanying CD features excerpts of the music.

        Release date: Spring 2022



Excess of Being


Lera Auerbach

Lera is a Russian-American poet, composer, musician and visual artist. She has published more than 100 works for opera, ballet, orchestral and chamber music, and performs as a concert pianist throughout the world. Her work is championed by leading artists, conductors, stage directors and choreographers, with recent works staged by the San Francisco Ballet, Stanislavsky Theater, Hamburg Opera, Theatre an der Wein, National Ballet of China, Finnish National Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Semperoper and Staatskapelle Dresden, and New York’s Lincoln Center. The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, selected Lera in 2007 as a Young Global Leader and in 2014 as a Cultural Leader, where she lectured on borderless creativity. In Excess of Being, she revitalizes the form of aphorisms. Her writing is provocative, dark, ironic and humorous, perceptively dealing with life’s kaleidoscopic questions. Excess of Being is her first book published in English.